Plant List for 2017 Auction

Orchid Code Plant Name or Item Minimum Bid Donation? Image Link
BZ01 Arpophyllum (Arpo.) spicatum (Z9c) N/A Yes Flower
BZ02 Brassanthe (Bsn.) Maikai 'Mayumi' (ch319d) $12 No Flower
BZ03 Bulbophyllum (Bulb.) pulchrum (Z262) $15 No Flower
BZ04 C. intermedia var. aquini “Sonia” Yes Flower
BZ05 C. crispa var. carnea $10 No Flower
BZ06 C. loddigesii 'Carina' AM/AOS $20 No Flower
BZ07 C. Mariposa Reina (intermedia x bicalhoi) (bica Yes
BZ08 C. walkeriana var coerulea 'Chouju' JC/AOS $35 No Flower
BZ09 Coelogyne (Coel.) rochusseni $20 No Flower
BZ10 Ddc. wenzelii 'Stirling' (red) Y Flower
BZ11 Ddc. wenzelii 'Stirling Yellow' Yes Flower
BZ12 Den. Stephen Batchelor $15 No Flower
BZ13 Dendrochilum (Ddc.) magnum Yes Flower
BZ14 Lc. (C. George Cutler X L. anceps) 'Dobson' $15 No Flower
BZ15 Lc. Angel Heart ‘Hihimanu’ AM/AOS 2001 $15 No Flower
BZ16 Paph. John Nicholas (Paph. Wellesleyanum x Paph. delenatii) Yes
BZ17 Rhyncatlaelia (Ryc.) Janice Pettee 'Stirling' $15 No Flower
BZ18 Trichoglottis (tgl.) retusa Yes Flower
BZ19 Vandachostylis (Van) Lou Sneary Yes Flower
BZ20 Vandachostylis (Van) Lou Sneary Yes Flower
CL01 Sarchochilus (Kulnura Need ‘Shadow’ x Kulnura Kaleidoscope ‘Roange’) Yes Plant
CL02 Mycaranthes pannea ‘Kayla Langland’ Yes Plant
CL03 Bulbophylum rothschildianum ‘Red Chimney’, FCC/AOS Yes Plant
CL04 Bulbophylum rothschildianum ‘Red Chimney’, FCC/AOS Yes Plant
CL05 Ancistrochilus rothchildianus Yes Plant
JW01 Dendrobium speciosum Yes Flower
JW02 Dendrobium speciosum Yes Flower
JW03 Encyclia hanburyi Yes Plant
TM01 Stenia pallida
TM02 Angraceum sororium Flower
TM03 Tuberolabium phillipsii No Flower
TM04 Schoenorchis juncifolia No Flower
TM05 Angraecum doratophyllum No Flower
TM06 Aerangis kirkii No Flower
TM07 Dendrobium laevifolium No Flower
TM08 Pollia condensata, orchid companion No Flower
TM09 Thrixspermum amplexicaule No
TM10 Mycaranthes vanoverberghii No Flower
TM11 Dendrobium dearei Yes Flower
TM12 Dendrobium Magenta Magic Yes Flower
TM13 Dendrobium gibsonii Yes Flower
TM14 Dendrobium moniliforme var. Shokken Nishiki Yes Flower
TM15 Pleurothallis recurva Yes Flower
TM16 Bulbophyllum purpurascens Yes Flower
TM17 Dendrobium pseudolamellatum Yes Flower
TM18 Coelogyne species “Excellent” with $20 bounty Yes Flower
TM19 Macroclinium aurorae Yes Flower
TM20 Dendrobium sanguinolentum “Vista” Yes Flower
WC01 Cym. Sunline ‘Geyserland’ $15 No Flower
WC02 Cym. Memoria Gus Harano ‘Mothers Day’ HCC/AOS $15 No Flower
WC03 Cym. Highland Advent ‘Trinity’ AM/RHS $15 No Flower
WC04 Cym. Clarisse Austin ‘Ruby Dew’ HCC/AOS $15 No Flower
WC05 Cym. Ison’s Wild Thing ‘Leta’ JC/AOS $15 No Flower
WC06 Cym. Envious Green ‘Cinnabar’ HCC/AOS $15 No Flower
WC07 Cym. dayanum ‘Cinnabar’ $20 No
WC08 Cym. Tracey Doll ‘Cinnabar’ B/CSA $15 No Flower
WC09 Cym. Yowie Flame ‘Heather’ 4n HCC/AOS $15 No Flower
WC10 Zygo. B.G. White ‘Stonehurst’ AM/AOS $10 No Flower
WC11 Cym. Envious Green ‘Cinnabar’ HCC/AOS Yes Flower
WC12 Cym. (George Formby x Eternal Flame) Yes
WC13 Cym. (Joan’s Charisma x Anastasia Wright) Yes Parents
WC14 Cym. (Hazel Tyers x Satin Dragon ‘Cinnabar’ HCC/AOS) Yes Parents
WC15 Cym. Hazel Tyers x Tower of Fire ‘Sunset Flame’ AM/AOS) Yes Parents
CZ01 Coelogyne lawrenceana “Encino Warrior’ AM/AOS Yes
CZ02 Kefersteinia tolimensis ‘Little Bear’ Yes
CZ03 Cuitluziana pendula Yes
CZ04 Bulbophyllum dearei No
CZ05 Maxillaria porphyrostele No
CZ06 Dendrobhilun uncatum ‘Walter’ CHM/AOS Yes
CZ07 Dendrobium mohlianum No
CZ08 Maxillaria sanderianum ‘Stony Point’ Yes
CZ09 Cattleya bowringiana Yes
CZ10 Oncidium excavatum Yes
CZ11 Epigenium cymbidioides No
CZ12 Phaleonopsis hieroglyphica No
CZ13 Nanodes medusae No
CZ14 Coelogyne pandurata Yes
CZ15 Dendrobium chrystotoxum var suavissimum No
CZ16 Pholidota chinensis Yes
CZ17 Lycaste skinneri alba ‘Golden Gate’ HCC/AOS Yes
CZ18 Lycaste deppei No
CZ19 Coelygyne usitana No
CZ20 Eria hyacinthoides No
MD01 (Rodrumnia Bravo x Tolumnia Elfin Lure) Yes
MD02 (Tolumnia Irene Gleason x Rodrumnia Apple Hollow) Yes
MD03 Angraecum didieri Yes
MD04 Barkeria melanocaulon Yes
MD05 Blc. Golden Chieftain 'Akukii' (C. Chocolate Drop x Blc. Golden Delicious) No
MD06 Brassia Rex (verrucosa x gireoudiana) No
MD07 Bulbo. Emily Siegerist (Elizabeth Ann x lasiochilum) Yes
MD08 Cattleya Mini Purple (L. pumila x C. walkeriana) Yes
MD09 Ctna. Why Not 'Round About' AM/AOS (C. aurantiaca x Bro. sanguinea) Yes
MD10 Dend. loddigesii "Bolinas" Yes
MD11 Dend. loddigesii "Bolinas" Yes
MD12 Dend. moscatum Yes
MD13 Epidendrum quisayanum Yes
MD14 Leptotes pohlitinocoi Yes
MD15 Masd Highland Fling (Copper Angel x veitchiana)
MD16 Maxillaria tenuifolia 'Weterfield' No
MD17 Odontocidium Tiger Butter 'Dyl' (Oncidium tigrinum x Odontoglossum Golden Avalanche) No
MD18 Paph Delrosi (delenatii x rothschildianum) No
MD19 Paph Lynleigh Koopowitz (delenatii x malipoense 'Green Dragon') No
MD20 Paph malipoense No
MD21 Pleurothallis restrepioides Yes
MD22 Potinara (Rhyncholaeliocattleya) Little Toshie 'H&R' No
MD23 Potinara (San Damiano x Chocolate Drop) 'Carmela's Yellow' No
MD24 Restrepia guttulata 'Dragonstone' Yes
MD25 Restrepia trichoglossa "Ginette" Yes
MD26 Restrepia trichoglossa "MEG" Yes
MD27 Tolumnia Genting Orange "Chaunie" No

Auction Details

The auction will be held Saturday, September 16th, 2017 at the San Mateo Garden Center at 605 Parkside Way in San Mateo. Doors will open at 11am.
Plants will be accepted for auction from 10:00am to 12:30pm. Plants brought after 12:30pm can NOT be accepted. All plants must be free of pests and diseases, and must be of a quality that the sellers would be willing to buy themselves (i.e., please no 'dumping' of known defective plants).
All plants must be labeled with the form using this form. In addition, a listing of all plants offered for sale must be presented with the plants, please use this form. The forms are also linked below.


Plant Label Form (PDF)
Plant Label Form (MS Word Doc)
Plant listing Form (PDF)
Plant listing Form (MS Word Doc)

Special thanks to Eric Hunt and to a variety of photographers who donated use of their photos to Orchid Wiz.

They provided some of the example flower photos included in the entry listings.